Best Malbec Wines: A Guide to Celebrating Malbec World Day in USA

Introduction to Malbec World Day 

Malbec World Day is celebrated annually on April 17th to honor Argentina’s most iconic wine. The celebration began in 2011 and has since grown in popularity around the world. Malbec has a rich history in Argentina, dating back to the 1800s when it was brought over from France. Today, Malbec is synonymous with Argentine culture and is a significant part of their national identity.

Celebrating Malbec World Day


Hosting a Malbec wine tasting is a great way to celebrate Malbec World Day. Choose a selection of Malbec wines from different regions, and don’t forget to include a few from Argentina’s Mendoza region. Food pairing with Malbec wines is also essential. Malbec’s bold flavor pairs well with red meats, cheeses, and spicy dishes. Don’t forget to share your celebrations on social media with the hashtag #MalbecWorldDay.

Exploring Malbec Wines 

Alejandro Vigil, agronomist and winemaker. He is currently chief oenologist at the Catena Zapata winery.

Malbec comes in a variety of styles, from fruity and light to full-bodied and tannic. Some of the best Malbec wines to try include:

Malbec Paraje Altamira

Family vintners for over 100 years, the Catenas are recognized for their pioneering role in high-altitude viticulture and in leading Argentina’s Malbec revolution. In the 1950s, Don Domingo Catena began sourcing Malbec from the vineyards of Altamira in the Uco Valley. The combination of intense sunlight and cool nights yields an elegant, mineral, slightly spicy Malbec with a deep texture and flavors.

Malbec Alamos

Alamos Malbec Red Wine is a fruit-forward Argentinian Malbec with a rich, flavorful aroma. Opening up with concentrated fruit notes of plum, blackberry and dark cherry, this medium bodied wine delights your palate with soft tannins and a smooth finish. Hints of brown spice and vanilla bring added layers of complexity. Ideal for serving at dinner parties, this versatile Malbec wine from Argentina pairs well with anything from ribeye steak to grilled chicken and broccoli. Alamos Malbec Red Wine is crafted with quality wine grapes from Mendoza’s Uco Valley, offering a true taste of Argentina. Awarded 91 points from James Suckling in 2018.

Malbec Catena

The Catena wines are a special assemblage of High Mountain Estate Vineyards made by fourth generation vintner, Laura Catena and chief winemaker, Alejandro Vigil. Although we have found that most of the Catena wines are consumed shortly after release, we are pleased to see that they age beautifully for ten to twenty years. Through decades of study and exploration within Mendoza’s high altitude mountain terroirs, the Catena family has identified special locations for its Estate vineyards. From the marriage of these historic vineyards emerges a wine of unique character that has natural balance, concentration and a distinct varietal identity.